Think about the past 3 months.  How much technology have we used in the classroom?  What haven't we used?  Think about how much technology you use on your own every day.   In an extended response, write about ALL of the experiences we have had with technology in the past 3 months and how you think it has improved your learning.  Try and hit on EVERY piece of technology I have used or yourself in the teaching/learning process. 

Click on the picture, read the passages (go to next page and read) and answer the following prompt:

What was the Truman Doctrine? 

What was the Marshall Plan?  
What was NATO and Who was involved? 
 What was the meaning behind NATO? 
What significance or impact did ALL three play in the beginnings of the Cold War?

Click on the picture and watch the film clip; Answer the following prompt:

Why was"The Space Race" so important?  
Who did it involve?  
Who is said to have won?  
What role  might space continue to play in achieving world peace?

After reading the selected material by clicking picture; please create an extended response to following prompt:

Why was the euphoria of winning WWII so short?   WHAT (form of government) becomes an immediate threat to the world?  Which countries begin to collide? What plan does Stalin have that thwarts all advances towards global peace?  Aside from Russia, where else is the United States focusing on diplomacy and containment? 

Make sure when answering all of these questions, you are creating claims, providing evidence and warranting that evidence to your claim.  There are several parts to this question.  Pay close attention to detail and respond with an effective and thorough extended response.  THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL REFLECTION! 

Knowing what we know about North Korea, does the same apply as it did in 1945  with the use of the Atomic bomb on Japan? (Dropping a bomb on North Korea)  Why or Why not?! Do you think all countries should have Nuclear capabilities? Why or Why not?  If you are unaware of what is going on in North Korea, research some of search engines.

Create an effective extended response on the following prompt:

After tracing the movement of The United States throughout the Pacific, how was their involvement pivotal to the allied forces during WWII? Think about each battle in the Pacific and the course of The U.S. from Pearl Harbor towards Japan. Thinking about what was being used besides Naval ships; what was important about each island? 

Like last week, create a PERSONAL reflection on this video regarding North Korea.  This is VERY popular news and one of the most debated topics in recent world news.  What do you think about this?  Seeing that we are currently covering WWII and you are aware of the causes of both WWI and WWII; could this be the beginning of WWIII?!  Again, this is a PERSONAL reflection on your reaction and thoughts from this video.  Share them here AND support it with evidence and/or knowledge!  YOU MUST create dialogue with 2 other peers in class by replying with thoughtful comments and effective arguments!  KEEP IT APPROPRIATE!! NO THREATS! NO PROFANITY!! If you disregard that warning, you will be dealt with accordingly (NO points and office referral)!!
Explain the purpose of the Lend-Lease Act and what impact it would have on the Atlantic Charter and the United States involvement in WWII.  

Write a personal reflection on what YOU think about this situation.   The thing I am looking for is what YOUR thoughts are about the killer in the courtroom.  What about his shirt?  Should it be allowed? Why or Why not?  Make sure you create a claim and reflect on it throughout your response!  After you submit your response, APPROPRIATELY reply and collaborate with AT LEAST TWO other peers in class.  Just saying, "I agree or disagree" is not good enough.  Create a discussion based on your SUPPORTED opinions!
Here, you will be submitting your Diary entries.  Make sure to follow the directions.  You will have 2 class periods to complete this assignment (Thursday and Friday).  If you do not get done, you can complete it over the weekend.  ALL entries MUST be submitted to the blog no later than Monday, March 11th by midnight.  If you lose your hard copy of instructions, they have been embedded within the  webpage (click here). ASK QUESTIONS and HAVE FUN!