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Why was the euphoria of winning WWII so short?   WHAT (form of government) becomes an immediate threat to the world?  Which countries begin to collide? What plan does Stalin have that thwarts all advances towards global peace?  Aside from Russia, where else is the United States focusing on diplomacy and containment? 

Make sure when answering all of these questions, you are creating claims, providing evidence and warranting that evidence to your claim.  There are several parts to this question.  Pay close attention to detail and respond with an effective and thorough extended response.  THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL REFLECTION! 

Shelby L. Kelly
4/12/2013 02:45:23 am

The Euphoria of WWII was short lived because of the conflict with the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin. after WWII was won The Americans Celebrated and rejoiced, they then realized that they didn't trust Stalin and his communist ways.
Stalin was determined to get compensation for the amount of people, and supplies he lost throughout WWII. The United States, did not just want to sit idly by while another Totalitarianism was taking place! President Truman was forced to act upon his words, and thus began the Cold War.
Now in the Cold War the U.S. was fighting against China, Berlin (Germany), and Korea. The Cold war kept the defense industries "alive" so to speak.

"Although the United States would emerge triumphant in the Cold War, the last half of the 1940s was marked by an uncertainty that soured the sweet taste of victory in World War II." (Post War challenges, n/a, n/d, ushistory.org.)

Nick Pollack
4/12/2013 02:50:24 am

The euphoria was so short because the United States did not trust Josef Stalin's communist government. After the war, Stalin took over Eastern Europe. Russia and the United States started to collide because America did not want communism to spread through other superpowered countries. Stalin wanted to expand communism to gain what he had lost in WWII, he had lost millions of soldiers. America focused on other places like Korea and China.

joe heffernan
4/12/2013 02:51:41 am

The Euphoria was so short all due to the Soviet Union and their Communist government. This causes the U.S. and Russian then to start colliding because of how their Communist government was, and what i mean by this is they were communists. Stalin gets in the way because he's killing a whole bunch of people and has a communist government. The U.S. was also looking into Vietnam to see what was going on there.

joe heffernan
4/12/2013 02:54:45 am

The U.S. focused their attention on Korea and China not Vietnam.

Julia McMullen
4/12/2013 02:55:01 am

When the Americans won WWII, euphoria of winning this war was very short because Joseph Stalin was determined to receive compensation for all the damages done during the war, and all the Soviets killed. After this, totalitarianism became an immediate threat to the world because Stalin wanted to try and take back what was his because of all the lives lost in his country. During this time, the United States and the Soviet Union began to collide, and became battlegrounds because of their different ideologies. To try and advance towards global peace, Joseph Stalin made promises during the war about freedom of eastern Europe. The United States was trying to create peace in Russia, but that was not the only place. America also focused on diplomacy in North Korea.

Kasidi Jacobs
4/12/2013 02:55:08 am

The Euphoria was very short because the United States distrusted Stalins communist government. Stalins Communist government was a huge threat to the world because he wanted compensation for the damages hat happened during and shortly after the war america tried to "contain" anywhere from Eastern Europe to China and Korea

4/12/2013 02:55:28 am

the euphoria was so short because americas had distrust in josef stalins communist government. the form of government that became the most threat to the world was the communist government. the countries that collided were the united states and the soviet union. stalin was determine to make sure that all those slaughters would never happen the the soviet people.

Conner Bates
4/12/2013 02:56:22 am

After WW2 Americans still distrusted Josef Stalin's Communist government and abhorred his takeover of Eastern European countries immediately after the war. This started the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. He plans to spread communism to other countries on the western side of the war. The United States were also trying to make peace with Berlin, China, and Korea at the time.

Katie Sweitzer
4/12/2013 02:56:39 am

The Euphoria could not last long because the Americans didn't trust Josef Stalin because immediately after the war he took over other European countries. Communism becomes an immediate threat to the world. The United States and the Soviet Union begin to collide. Josef Stalin wants to spread communism because Russia had the most casualties by thousands.

Marlena Roark
4/12/2013 02:56:53 am

After the second world war the united states was excited about their winning of the war. But soon the euphoria was cut short when they were thrown back into war because of their fear of Josef Stalin's communist government. the U.S began to fight in the cold war. the countries that began to colide were the U.S. and the soviet union. Josef Stalin has a plan to take over the eastern Europe countries and the cold war continues. the countries they the U.S. stayed focused on was Berlin, China, and Korea. the united states was jumping around with the outbreaks of communisim.

Sarah Treen
4/12/2013 02:57:31 am

The Euphoria of World War 2, was short lived because of conflict with Stalin & The Soviet Union. When World War 2 was won, everybody was happy. Everyone saw the bad in Stalin. Truman followed his words and the Cold War began. Stalin he wanted to get back the supplies and people from World War 2. The United States & Soviet Union begin to collide.United States, in the Cold War, was fighting against Berlin, Korea, & China. Euphoria couldn't last long. The Independence of Israel IN 1948 had Cold War implications in the Middle East.

mr. rodgers
4/12/2013 02:57:41 am

The Euphoria did not last long because they had to prepare for another battle. The

4/12/2013 02:58:13 am

Euphoria didn't last long because the U.S. distrusted Joseph Stalin and now communism became a big threat to the world. The two countries that collided was the United States and the Soviet Union which caused the Cold War, which was Stalin's idea for world peace. United States was looking diplomacy in North Korea because they too were a threat to the world with communist beliefs.

gabby nagy
4/12/2013 02:58:28 am

The euphoria didn't last long because the Americans began to distrust Joseph Stalin because he brought the government. Communism was used as a threat to the world that was brought into the society and they did not like this decision. The United States and the Soviet Union started to collide. Then that brought up Stalin's idea of the cold war into just about everywhere across the globe for globe or world peace. The United States was looking for diplomacy in North Korea because they to, were a threat to the world with communist beliefs.

Anastasia Fitzsimmons
4/12/2013 03:02:00 am

The euphoria of winning WWII did not last long because Joseph Stalin wanted to receive compensation for all the Soviets killed and the damage done during the war. Totalitarianism spread and became a threat to the world when Stalin wanted to spread communism. Stalin's plan was to gain back everything he felt he lost in the war from the other countries. He wanted to be sure that nothing like WWII could plague the Soviets again. The United States was also focused on diplomacy and containment in North Korea.

Ronnie Dawson III
4/12/2013 03:02:55 am

The euphoria of winning WWII was short for the U.S. because they had to take part in the Cold War. America wasn't going to do nothing while another form of totalitarianism began to spread. As the U.S. took action, they began to collide with Russia because they distrusted Stalin's communist government who planned to take over Eastern European countries. Stalin's plan to take over these countries halted all plans of advancing global peace. Aside from Russia, the U.S. was also sent to Berlin, China, and Korea to focus on diplomacy and containment.

Abigail Hood
4/18/2013 10:53:09 pm

The euphoria didn't last very long because people realized the conflict with Joseph Stalin & knew they couldn't trust him. Communism becomes a threat to the world. The U.S and Russia started to collide because the U.s didn't want communism to spread. Joseph stalin plan for global peace was to get everything he lost back from all the countries, He didn't want anything to happen like the plague from WW2 to the soviets again. The U.S was focused on diplomacy and containment in North Korea.


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