Think about the past 3 months.  How much technology have we used in the classroom?  What haven't we used?  Think about how much technology you use on your own every day.   In an extended response, write about ALL of the experiences we have had with technology in the past 3 months and how you think it has improved your learning.  Try and hit on EVERY piece of technology I have used or yourself in the teaching/learning process. 

Taylor Penix
5/17/2013 02:28:30 am

In the past 3 months we have used the ipads and computers to search things, and to do all kinda of work and projects. I also sometimes use my ipod to search things up that i need to know for other classes or i use it for a calculator. We also use computers and projectors to show us things on the screen so we can take notes or something. We use our computers ,phones , ipods or whatever to search up almost anything and everything to help us.

Nick Pollack
5/17/2013 02:35:10 am

In the past 3 months, we have used technology like cell phones, Ipads, and computers. Things we have not used are cameras, laptops, and Ipods. Using things like Ipads and Computers, I have learned how to research and collect information for my writing. Using the blogs have helped me construct better and longer responses that are more detailed. I use computers and cell phones every day, so using these things in class makes my life easier because I have more experience with using them and I will succeed when I use them in the future. Every Friday we used computers to research and make an extended response about different subjects that helped us learn more about the subject we were learning about. We got into more detail and it gave us more knowledge.

Conner Bates
5/17/2013 02:35:37 am

Since the beginning of the year we have used all types of technology. Form phones to take surveys, to ipads to do worksheets, from computers to do what I am doing right now. Technology has made are lives a lot easier but it has also crippled us some people wouldn't be able to survive a day without there phones, or computer to get on facebook. Some people cant even tell what direction north is from just the sun and the stars. When I use my computer it is either to play some games, or talk to some friends on skype. In school we use it for assignments and research papers, technology makes are lives easier but it also paralyzes us when we don't have them.

Mr. Mitchen(aka Ronnie Dawson)
5/17/2013 02:46:30 am

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Kasidi Jacobs
5/17/2013 02:35:56 am

Within the past three months we have used Ipads and the school computers, which we use almost eery Friday. This helped because we got to use the internet and research about the things we had written about. We never used laptops or phones in this class. Other things that we have used would be Videos, A projector, and projector screen. In our class we've used those three almost on a daily basis, those things have helped us because that is how our notes are showed to us. on my own I use my Ipod, cellphone, and laptop daily.. actually CONSTANTLY, I am always on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Without technology I feel that everyone would be lost, technology is what makes this world would be so confusing

Sarah Treen
5/17/2013 02:36:12 am

I think it was a good experience to come in the lab almost every friday. It was different and none of my other classes did that. I thought it really helped with my reading compression. I thought using the pads and computers in class was a lot different then my other classes. Its more fun and interactive. Its nice to come in the lab some fridays and not be doing class work. I like how Tom set up this class site to stay caught up on what's happening in the world. This was a great way of learning and i got a lot of use out of it.

Nick Pollack
5/17/2013 02:42:22 am

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Marlena Roark
5/17/2013 02:36:38 am

In the past three months we have used Ipads, computers, and smart phones. Though, we haven't used smart phones as much as we have the computers and ipads. Using the computers quite a bit at school has helped me type faster because the only technology i own at my house is my Iphone. Also using technology has helped me understand the material better because I'm not just reading from a book.

5/17/2013 02:38:50 am

In the past three months we have used A LOT of technology! From IPads, to IMacs. I also get to use my Galaxy S3 in class for classroom debates and things of that such. Im on my phone a lot, so i would say at LEAST 4 hours a day just on my phone. It helped me use technology easier, and faster

5/17/2013 02:53:06 am

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Big Sean
5/17/2013 02:56:23 am

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Gabrielle Nagy
5/17/2013 02:39:18 am

Over the time being we have used your lab-top for the projector screen, and the computers to find research and write extended responses. During the three months we have also tied in time with the i-pads moving along with the class we have learned how to use technology in a better sense of mind and we have learned how to conquer the usage of these technologies. Now, I'm sure most of the students have a i-phone or a android which could do some of the things a computer, ipod, or i-pad can do. These technologies teach us to gain more knowledge within the things we already know. This also advances us in other ways of learning. It advances us students by giving us another way to learn, these technologies give us more knowledge.

Abigail Hood
5/17/2013 02:40:08 am

In the classroom we have used quite a bit of technology. We have used Computers, iPads, and Cell Phones. I think using technology to teach helps a lot. Most kids start to get bored with all the writing on paper & taking notes all the time so they do not really pay attention, but with all the technology they start getting more interested. on the computer we watch educational videos, do extended responses, notes & exciting research projects. On the iPads we did a few pod cast that made staying in the classroom more interesting. We used our Cell Phones to take a survey a few times, kids like that because it gives us an excuse to have our phones out. We have used this technology but there is still technology that we have not used. We do not have much of the new technology,like Smart Boards. Using this technology has help my learning process because it keeps me more focused. It helps me become more interested in my school work.

Katie Sweitzer
5/17/2013 02:40:59 am

I think the last 3 months have been very fulfilling. We were in the computer lab every Friday doing extended responses on our class blog. I learned a lot through the use of computers. Mr. Mitchen kept up to date with his site and always told us what was going on today in history, I thought that was very interesting. We used iPads, cellphones, laptops, computers, and powerpoint. I learned a lot during Mr. Mitchen's time teaching.

Joe Heffernan
5/17/2013 02:44:51 am

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Anastasia Fitzsimmons
5/17/2013 02:41:22 am

In this class we've used cell phones, iPads, computers, and projectors. The technology I se every day is my iPod and a phone. It's good that we use technology to learn because technology is becoming so common and we need to know and understand how to use it. I think it's helpful to use technology to learn. It helps by keeping the students more hands on, and more interested. The use of technology in the classroom, I believe, is very beneficial.

Ronnie Dawson III
5/17/2013 02:41:40 am

In the past three months, we have used a lot of different technology that has helped my learning experience. We have used mostly computers, but also iPads, cellphones, podcasts, your laptop, and on Thursday, I played baseball on my iPod. Then you took it. Besides that horrific experience, my experiences with technology have been splendid. We used computers almost every Friday to answer extended response questions on your web page, and we also used a lot of different computer applications. One application we didn't use though was garage band, and I wish we would've used it because it is 100% ballin'. One fun thing we did was record our newscasts on genocide. That was probably the most enjoyable thing we did with technology this year. Overall, technology is more exciting, and is a good break from all of my other classes where we just use pen and paper. Technology has also kept me more organized and has made me more of an independent worker. Good job Mr. Tom Mitchen(: lolz<-------That's craaazy.

5/17/2013 02:42:02 am

in class we used ipads,our phones but we havent used laptops. i think that the technology we use in class helps us learn like the power point slides the material that we need to learn is out into a more easier for to learn and also we used ur phones to take surveys and do polls. we use the computers to do projects like the facebook page we have done before. we have used the ipads for research and to do papers as well. i think that using technology in our learning inhanses it more. it helps because we arent just learning out of books we also have access of the internet so thats also an advantage of our learning.

Shelby L. Kelly
5/17/2013 02:42:34 am

Tecnology that we have used in class are as follows:
* iPads
* our phones
* music
* slides (on screen)
* computers
you name it we've used it, however one thing we never did use were laptops... We always had the iPads to work with, so we never needed to use laptops. We used music to learn about the 60's and the vietnam war, we used slides as an everyday thing, with "Today In History" or just to take notes. We continuously used the computers to do extended responses just like this one! Nearly every Friday we would go to the computer lab, and write extended responses on what we learned about that week or the day before. Our phones, we used to take surveys in which we could immediately see the results up on the screen. I use most of this technology myself, excepting perhaps and ipad and slides. I feel that the using of technology in this class has helped my learning because today's world is all about technology, and now i know how to look things up better to help in writing a better paper, and finding accurate information to study off of, or just to read up on.

Julia McMullen
5/17/2013 02:45:40 am

In the past three months, we have used quite a lot of technology in the classroom. We have used computers, iPads, cell phones, and we have also used the projector screen. On every Friday when we use the computers to write extended responses answering questions about what we have learned that week, I think that it has helped me learn. Writing on the computer helped me summarize and retain the information that I was taught, and it also has helped me as a writer. We used iPads for podcasts, and researching. The iPads were a convenient and easy way to do research. Also, using the projector screen for notes and watching videos on subjects we were learning was a great way to teach some lessons. This is much better than using a chalkboard or whiteboard to teach a lesson, because I believe this more advanced technology helped engage my classmates and I to the lesson being taught. During the last three months we also used our cell phones to send in answers to a survey/ quiz. I believe that it is necessary to be using technology in our daily lives because every day technology is modernizing, and we will most likely need this knowledge for jobs and many other important parts of our lives. Children and teenagers in this generation are constantly using technology every day, so it is important to use technology in school because it will engage kids more. Not using technology would lose the interest of kids and teenagers because we were born into a generation where technology is advanced, unlike when our parents were our age.

Ronnie Dawson
5/17/2013 02:48:15 am

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Fat Boy
5/17/2013 02:49:18 am

In the past 3 months we've used so much technology. Everyone uses technology in their everyday life. We use ipads in class. You use your laptop almost everyday. When I am at home i play my PS3 and i use my house phone. I get on the computer. I use a phone everyday to go to work. I'm in a vehicle everyday to go to work everyday.

Rick Ross
5/17/2013 02:54:29 am

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