Knowing what we know about North Korea, does the same apply as it did in 1945  with the use of the Atomic bomb on Japan? (Dropping a bomb on North Korea)  Why or Why not?! Do you think all countries should have Nuclear capabilities? Why or Why not?  If you are unaware of what is going on in North Korea, research some of search engines.

4/12/2013 02:33:34 am

The bomb incident is not the same as the one in 1945 because there are and were different reasoning.I think that we should not drop a bomb on North Korea unless they hesitate to drop a bomb on us.In that case we should not hesitate and take full action. Countries should not have this because it could get to out of hand and it could turn into wars being bombing instead of man on man. Which is completely out of control. Therefore in my perspective bombing should not be brought into anything unless were all on one side.

Shelby L. Kelly
4/12/2013 02:54:24 am

I agree Gabby, we shouldn't drop a bomb unless they strike first. If we strike first we're killing millions of people, innocent bystanders who haven't done anything to us.

Sarah Treen
4/12/2013 02:34:43 am

I think we shouldn't use a bomb, because then wars just end right then and there. You could just bomb a whole country until there's nothing left and they can't fight back. I do no think all countries should have nuclear capabilities. It's the most abrupt way to end a war (or start). So really everyone would just be bombing each other until nothing is left. it could just destroy everything. I don't think anything should go that far, as to destroy helpless people.

Shelby L. Kelly
4/12/2013 02:52:09 am

Knowing about North Korea the same Bomb threat shouldn't apply today like it did in '45. Yes we have issues with Korea, and yes they have threatened us, and we them... but just because we don't like/agree with somebody doesn't mean we should nuke them! I get it, we're defending our country, but in the process we'd be killing thousands, probably millions of people in the process, not to mention making other KEY countries afraid of us. In my opinion i don't think we should nuke anybody unless it's in self defense.. Kind of like you shouldn't hit someone just cause you don't like them, only hit back if it's self defense...

Nick Pollack
4/12/2013 02:54:05 am

I don't think we should drop any nuclear bombs, bombs now are way more advanced than the ones back in 1945 and they could do so much more damage. I dont think anyone should have the capabilities to drop bombs under any circumstances.

Shelby. L. Kelly
4/12/2013 02:57:22 am

I Agree Nick! the bombs could do a heck of a lot more damage than in '45!

Ronnie Dawson III
4/21/2013 02:28:46 pm

The same definitely does not apply. First of all, in 1945 we were playing with atomic bombs not nuclear ones. Atomic bombs are definitely dangerous, but they aren't nuclear. Also, at the time we were more advances than Japan(especially in the air) and could defend an attempt of the Japanese trying to bomb us. After watching the new GI Joe movie I think all countries should have nuclear capabilities. A nuclear free world would be very dangerous. If you watch GI Joe you'll understand.

6/3/2015 07:43:38 am

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