This topic is not going away.  It is something that we will continue to follow, along with other topics.  This is your chance to weigh-in on news that has taken over the media.  After watching each video, create an extended response using our C.E.W. model.  Make a claim, support it, and warrant it.  While your opinions are a strong basis for argument, try sticking to the FACTS.  Stray away from pronouns and "feeling" words.   This extended response can be as long as you need it be to support a strong claim.  4 sentences are not going to cut it.   This is your chance to sort of, "free-write," so be assertive and tell us what you think!
Ronnie Dawson III
2/1/2013 02:00:48 am

The Russian Revolution was a time when many different movements were started to gain rights, but not much was accomplished. One group of revolutionists were Marxist revolutionaries. They wanted to overthrow the government and have the proletariat rule the country. Then, the Marxists split forming the Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks, and Vladimir Lenin led the more radical Bolsheviks...


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