The illustration provided clearly demonstrates that the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand ignited the M.A.I.N. causes of WWI.   

Using at least 3 of the 4 causes (in M.A.I.N.), analyze and explain how each played a significant role in the starting of WWI and how each of them impacted the ending result of the Great War.

Try breaking the question up into 2 or 3 parts (1)Define: M.A.I.N.,  (2) significance in starting WWI, and/or (3) impact on ending result.  Put them together to form a quality response. 

1/24/2013 09:50:07 pm

Imperialism - when a stronger country takes over a weaker territory - when a bigger an better country that has more weapons, an practice an training takes over a smaller an weaker territory with less practice an not as strong.
Militarism - build up of army and navy weapons an the thought of using them.
Nationalism - having pride in your own country. ( pride an love ) loving your country an standing up for you guys.

Emily Woods
1/24/2013 09:50:15 pm

Militerialsm - Keeping the army and nay prepared for war - weapons and preparing and getting ready
Alliances - Friendships among nations - Being friends with a different country and coming together
Imperialism- When a stronger country takes over a weaker one - a better country with more weapons and more practice, taking over a weaker one with not much practice and not a lot of weapons

Jacob Gregory
1/24/2013 09:50:27 pm

MAIN stands for Militarism,Assimilation,Imperialization,and Nationalization.Militarism is when the country created posters and tried any way that they could to get people to support there country in war so people will want to join the military.This cause country's armies to be bigger and will cause more destruction.
Countries used Assimilation to take over other countries in order to have more land and to have a bigger army just so they could try to have a advantage.

hunter vandiver
1/24/2013 09:51:04 pm

the main causes of the war were the assassination of archduke hanz ferdanand which caused germany to attack serbia. and the attack of serbia by germany which caused france to attack germany.then britian joined when they found out that germany was attacking britains allies.and then russia joined when britain asked them to. and then germany got austria-hungary to join to help them out and then germany started using unrestricted submarine warfare again and that caused the united states to join the allies.and when the war was over germany lost all of their army exceopt for 6 battleships and 10,00 men in thier navy

Jerry Lanik
1/24/2013 09:51:17 pm

Militarism, Alliance, Imperialism, Nationalism.
Militarism played a part due to the fact that many countries were highly ready and based around the idea of a war starting with another country.
Alliance played a part due to the fact that such as when Russia joined in due to it being allied with Serbia and the same with Germany joining to support their ally Austria-Hungary.
Imperialism played a major role in the starting of the war since the whole thing was started with Austria-Hungary attempting to take over Serbia.

Maria Bradley
1/24/2013 09:51:41 pm

MAIN is Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. Militarism is the build up or army and weapons, keeping them prepared for war. Alliances is when two or more nations have a friendship. Imperialism is when a stronger country takes over a weaker territory/country. Nationalism is having pride in your own country.
MAIN had a very big impact on WWI, because most European countries had their army prepared for a war (militarism). It was important to make alliances at this time because it would help you a lot in the war if you had a bigger army supporting yours and your allys country, seeing as you be stronger and have more power over smaller armies

Kyle Black
1/24/2013 09:52:31 pm

The M in main stands militarism and that played a huge part in the war. Without a good army your country is weak. The I stands for imperialism. When a stronger country takes over a weaker one. This is a reason why the war started. The A stands for assimilation. Where you force the other country to switch to your religion. Countries were trying to do this to weaker countries. The N stands nationalism. Which is pride for your own country. They pride to fight in the war for the country.

riley barton
1/24/2013 09:54:01 pm

Militarism- bulid up of, army, navy, weapons,and thought of useing them made war easyer that thay already had the weapons.
Allances-friendship among nations witch made them stronger.
Imperialism-when a stronger country takes over a smaller country this caused problems.
Nationalism-pride for your own country this also caused problems.
M.A.I.N is what caused the war no country cared about the well being of another country, this is what started the war.

Jennifer Le
1/24/2013 09:55:47 pm

Militarism is build up of navy, army, and weapons. Alliances is friendships among the nations. Imperialism is when a stronger country takes over a weaker country. Nationalism is pride for you nation. Militarism gives the army and navy weapons for them to use in the war. Having alliances with other countries can help their side of the war have a greater chance of winning because they have more people on their side fighting with them.Like when the Arch Duke of Austria got assassinated the alliances got angry. Nationalim is pride for your country. the countries have pride for their country can really help when they are in the war fighting because if they didnt have any pride for their own country they wouldnt believe that they could win the war and they wouldnt fight in the war to protect their country

owen dizzle mowery
1/24/2013 09:56:41 pm

M- militarism - without a good army you wont be able to protect your country the way it needs to be protected and when you use propaganda to say that your army is the best you have to prove weed
A- ASSimilation when you take over a country you force them to change there religion to your religion they forced more tension in the war
I- imperialism people support there country and they are the biggest they take over more smaller countries but they have allies and more countries get involved causing total war
N- nationalism is the pride you have in you country causing the trash talk about other countries and propaganda to be used making the other countries look bad

Caitlyn King
1/24/2013 09:57:20 pm

M.A.I.N broken down broken down into simpler parts are, M- militarism, A- allies, I- imperialism , N- nationalism. The significance on starting that war because the M.A.I.N had brought people wanting to take over each other and to help other countries and colonies. Militarism was a great impact on the war because with out allies the armies and navies wouldn't have build up of weapons and men to fight. Allies were are huge part of this war because there were the central powers and the allied powers. Those groups were all different places put together by forming allies. Nationalism was a part of the war that was greater than anything, because with out pride for you home, the allied power and central powers wouldn't fight for it.

chris zink
1/24/2013 09:57:33 pm

Militarism was an important part of world war 1. Militarism helped get weapons and ammo so they could go to war. It also made and stronger military out of it. Imperisalm is where an stronger country takes over a weaker territory. Nationalism is where you care for whatever country you live in and you would do everything to make it better.

Kyler Lehman
1/24/2013 09:57:48 pm

Militarism played a big part in defending and invading other countries. Building up weapons and soldiers helped with this. Militarism could help be ready for an attack on their country. Alliances help have an ally to defend territory for their allies.
Imperialism helps have extra territory for more people. Having more people helps have a larger and stronger military. More land also makes for food for citizens.

kasey carson
1/24/2013 10:04:51 pm

militerism played a big part in the war because every country had a military. But not all of the countries used their armies for good. like germany used their armies to take over france but their plan was to take over france and then turn around and attack russia. but russia attacked them before they could attack them. So germany surrendered and was forced to sign a treaty.
The signifince of ww1 was so that germany could become stronger and more powerful. germany was too happy they tried to take everything from every one. Gerany lost the war and lost everthing.

1/24/2013 10:06:28 pm

M.A.I.N. stands for militarisam allies imperialisam nationalisam
The assination of Archduke Ferdian is what started WW1 because he was the leader of a country in Europe. it is also known as the powder keg of europe
The end result was that the allies won, and germany had to give the allies money and land and had to be watched by the allies to make shure that germany didnt start another war

1/24/2013 10:07:22 pm

The main causes of WW1 was because of militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism and lastly the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Militarism was a cause because the countries built up on an army and used all the weapons they have on it the war. Alliances played a huge part in WW1 because the have strong friendships among other nations and and made the nations more powerful. Imperialism made the nations fight in the war because the stronger countries would take over the weaker territories which angered the other countries; they fight over the territories they want so they can take the resources that the country had. Each individual had pride and love in their own country.That's called nationalism. Each government influenced their own country's people to believe that they are better than all the other countries. Lastly, the assassination with Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife. The assassination was the spark of WW1; it set off the war because Austria- Hungary got upset and went after serbia and that is when all of the countries formed allies and started WW1. The impact main had on the ending result was that all the countries created treaties to stop the war and they made peace between each country until Germany, Great Britain , and the United States created another fight between each nation from trading goods. Germany got angry at the United States. Germany put a blockade up & that started another war.

Liz Wayman
1/24/2013 10:07:48 pm

M.A.I.N. stands for Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. M.A.I.N. played a major role in WWI.
WWI was started because Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. WWI ended.

1/24/2013 10:08:06 pm

Militarism-build up of army, navy, weapons and thoughts of using.
Alliances-friendships among nations
Imperialism-when a stronger country takes over a weaker territory
Nationalism-pride and love for ones own country
The beginning of WWI was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife by Gavrilo Princip of the Black Hand from Serbia. After this Austria-Hungry wanted revenge so they allied with Germany and became the Central Powers. Serbia allied with Russia and became the Allied Powers. More nations joined to gain territory that they lost-nationalism. U.S. had trade with France and when Germany found out they tried to destroy them and thats how U.S. was also involved in WWI.
A representative of the German government met with the French Commander and they both signed an armistice, an agreement to stop fighting. This agreement was the end to WWI. After this, the war was blamed on Germany. They had to give up land, colonies to the Allies and money. The treaty of Versilles was the start to WWII and a major factor in Hitler's rise to power, which was a huge impact.

1/24/2013 10:08:15 pm

militarism- they built up a army and navy, with weapons.
alliances- is a friendship among nations.
Imperialism- id when a weak country gets taken over by a stronger one.
nationalism- is pride and the love w ones own country.

causes of ww1 is austria hungry took over bosnia in 1908. The assassnation of Franz Ferdinand visited sarajero in 1914. As this came about it started a war. As the war progest other countries started to join and some became allies such as Austria-hungry, Germany Bulgria. (central powers) Serbia, Russia, France and Great Britian (allied powers) As the end of the war Germany was held responsabile for everything and had to pay money, give up land and that caused al ot of damage to their country.

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FEEDBACK #1 -- Needs Improvement

This is a good start with your extended response; however, you need to focus on expanding your answer. After defining a point, explain its importance or build on what the prompt is asking you. Make a claim (i.e. Militarism greatly impacted the start of WWI). Support that claim with facts or reasons (i.e. Countries had a deep belief that their country should maintain a strong military which led to the creation of new and more destructive weaponry such as the flamethrower and poisonous gas). Then, you need to explain how those reasons and facts support your original claim (i.e. This new type of warfare and strong belief in maintaining a powerful military caused uproar with countries with different interests, leading to the beginnings of the devastating war that ended in large destruction across Europe). Do not be afraid to expand on your claim. Also, make sure you are answering every part of the question. If you need too, break the question up and answer them separately and then go back and put them together to form a nice response. Answering only half of the question will leave yourself with only half of the points. You are on the right track, keep it up!!

“Militarism greatly impacted the start of WWI. Countries had a deep belief that their country should maintain a strong military which led to the creation of new and more destructive weaponry such as the flamethrower and poisonous gas. This new type of warfare and strong belief in maintaining a powerful military caused uproar with countries with different interests, leading to the beginnings of the devastating war that ended in large destruction across Europe.”

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FEEDBACK #2 -- Good

Good job here with starting off with your claim. We must remember that we do not want to be using pronouns and words of feeling (i.e. “I think, I feel, etc.,), so continue with that in your writing. Also, once we state a reason in support of the claim, continue to build upon it and elaborate to make support for your claim valid and clear. Good job with starting off with an effective extended response; however, make sure we are answering ALL of the question in the prompt. If you need too, break the question down and answer them separately. That way you make sure each is answered. Then all you need is to form it together. The next one should be MUCH better now! Keep it up!

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FEEDBACK#3 -- Very Good

This is a very well written extended response. You do a great job with stating a claim without using pronouns and words of feeling. The reader can easily see that your efforts reflect your writings. Great job with making sure you support your claim with more than one reason while making it warrant your claim. Make sure you continue to answer the question in full and do not leave out detail when answering. You have set the bar relatively high, so now there should be no reason to perform below it. Strive towards performing above it! Great start! Great Job! Keep up the good work!

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the munich conference the people who attended it were HITLER, chamberlain, moussilini, and daladier they had all agreed to occupy sudetenland. they also had received highway routes thats people had built while they were employed

owen mowery #2
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they gave in because they didnt want war

owen mowery#3
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he would not adhered the orders because hitler is a ruthless leader


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