Think about the past 3 months.  How much technology have we used in the classroom?  What haven't we used?  Think about how much technology you use on your own every day.   In an extended response, write about ALL of the experiences we have had with technology in the past 3 months and how you think it has improved your learning.  Try and hit on EVERY piece of technology I, or yourself, have used in the teaching/learning process. 

caitlyn king and hunter vandiver
5/16/2013 10:51:20 pm

In the past few months we as a class used a wide spread of technology. We haven't had anytime with a smart board. when we used the ipads, its was easier to find the info and the words were easier to remember. When we use to computers it i more fun to type instead of writing so, it is more fun to do work. when Mr.Mitchen played music off his computer it gave us a look on how the mood and music was during that time period. He let us use our phone to look up info, so it was easier because to use the technology because we know how to work our phones better because we use them more then school computers.

erica & cheyenne
5/16/2013 10:51:27 pm

in the past 3 months we have used cell phones, ipads, computers, laptops, projector and clickers. The things we haven't used are ipods, cameras. The technology we use everyday is cell phones ipods computers t.v, listening to music. With cell phones we text people, call people, get online, send pictures and listen to music. We use our ipods to play apps, listen to music, get online, contact people, download stuff. We use our computers for the same things. We use our t.v's to watch t.v. Its improved our learning because it makes it more interesting. Kids want to be involved more, because its less boring. It makes things a lot easier.

Chris Zink and Kyle Black
5/16/2013 10:51:27 pm

We use technology just about everyday in the classroom. Whether its a cell phone, computer, ipad, clicker, speakers, projector. Just about everybody uses technology at one point or a time in their life and i honestly think the world would be at a riot without technology. Without technology some things today would be impossible. Such as teaching a classroom, getting a job done and communicating with people halfway across the globe. Without technology i couldn't even be typing this paragraph. We also couldn't get a lot of projects and assignments done because just about everyone of them use the computer aka 'Technology'. We may not know it but without technology life would be harder.

Jerry L
5/16/2013 10:51:47 pm

In the past three months we've used multiple technologies such as computers and cell phones. I don't recall all of the them but I believe that it keeps many kids interested in the idea of learning when they can do it through a piece of technology. In everyday life I use my Ipod, my X-box, and Cellphone. The only one that plays a major role in my life is my Ipod though. Due to the fact that my life revolves around music. I am not as into the idea of using technology as a lot of my generation, such as I didn't like using the iPads. But I know many people enjoy using technology so I think it's a good way to teach.

5/16/2013 10:53:56 pm

In the last 3 months we've used ipads, computers, cellphones, projectors. We used the ipad for looking things up and doing school things. We used computers almost every friday to do an extended response and for music. Everyone uses there cellphones during class, neither though we're not suppose to but we've done things in class with cellphones and sending in answers. Teachers usually use the projector everyday to take notes and show students things. Me, i usually use technology a lot. Everyday, if i'm not at softball or if my phone is'nt dead, i'm usually on it. With everything we've used i think that technology is'nt the best for students but its a good learning experience because you can just google something and its there, but with a book you have to read and find more books. Technology is just simple.

Kyler Lehman and Kasey Carson
5/16/2013 10:54:12 pm

In our second period class we have used many technological devices. Every day we use the projector and laptop and every week we use the computers or ipads to make an extended response answer. Sometimes we also use our phones or ipods to look up information for projects. We once had a chance to create a video or podcast for our newscasts but our class chose not to.

Mr. Biller
5/16/2013 10:54:52 pm

Over the last 3 months we have used many types of technology such as computers, phones, projectors, IPads, and iPods, the way that these materials have helped me learn a lot over the last3 months. The projector has helped me take notes on the subjects we have been learning. The computers and iPads or iPods have helped me give a response such as this one and find more information on the subject we are learning about. When I get home from school I like to use my iPad to look up cars and facts about them. Although it doesn't have to do with school, I'm still learning.

Jennifer, Maria ,Owen
5/16/2013 10:56:15 pm

The technology we used in the past three months are computer/laptops ,phones,ipods/ipads,and projectors.It improved our learning because on the computers we got to do more research. All the electronic devices we used, we got to look up information about the topics we were learning about and it made everything easier. We liked using computers more than just looking up things in the book and writing it down,because typing is easier and faster. We like using technology. Technology is nice. we type on a first grade level.

Liz Wayman
5/16/2013 10:56:23 pm

Technology has helped me a lot in the past three months because when I use technology it is way easier for me. We've used a bit of technology in the classroom. We usually go to the computers every Friday. We've used iPads too. Technology has helped improve my learning because when I use technology I think it is way easier because I can look things up. We use phones to text. A lot of times we listen to music, and get apps, and play games. Computers are probably what we use most.

5/16/2013 10:58:52 pm

i think being able to use the laptop and computers have been a large help in my learning because sometimes im not able to get all my work done on the computers so sometimes i have to take my work home and being able to bring my laptop into class lets me turn in my work

5/16/2013 11:05:14 pm

We have used a lot of technology through out these past few months. with all of the phones, ipads, ipods, computers, and projectures.
we have gotten a lot of information of different things we have talked about in class from these devises. the use of this technology is amazing now days, because we seem to use all of it constantly through out the years. if we need to look something up we can just get on the internet and find it. and we can use most of this technology to do so. It has been very helpful to the class because it has been neater, we don't have to worry about loosing as many papers now because we can use the computers to put our work in. and now we don't have to worry about loosing our school work, or leaving it at home because it is always in the computer now. I think all of the technology we have used is helpful because it is a lot more interesting to do something on a computer or i pad than to have to just read something out of a book. reading a bunch of information right out of a book makes it boring, and it is hard to continue reading something that bores you. with the technology that we have used to day, things are not as boring, and we seem to get more work done because the technology we use today is a lot quicker.
but even with all of the technology that we have used this year, there are still somethings that we have not used. for example smart boards, we haven't used a smart board in this class all year, or pod casts. we haven't used cameras for anything ether. but even though there are somethings that we haven't used this year, there is still so much technology in the world that is is hard to think of everything that we didn't use in class. technology these days is amazing.


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