Directions: PLEASE READ!!

There are going to be TWO questions that will need answered with a Bonus if you get done.  When you are submitting your responses, label them as follows: Your Name #1 and Your Name #2.  You are expected to answer both questions with the same effort and quality that you have in previous weeks. 

 Question #1 :  In your own words, Explain the process (Beginning to end) of the Munich Conference and the Aftermath that followed. **Make sure to include who was involved, who was not involved, why/why not?, and what was the significance!!** 

Question #2:  After punishing Germany for so many years following WWI, why did Chamberlain and Daladier give into Hitler's demands for expanding the Third Reich (German Empire).  **SUPPORT A CLAIM BY PROVIDING AND EXPLAINING EVIDENCE!!**

Question #3:  If the European nations had stood firm on their restrictions of Hitler and Germany, would Hitler have adhered to the orders?  Why or Why not?   

 Explain what role Violence played in the Chinese Revolution and why Mao Zedong undertook the Long March.
                                                                                                                 **Use the C.E.W. template**

This topic is not going away.  It is something that we will continue to follow, along with other topics.  This is your chance to weigh-in on news that has taken over the media.  After watching each video, create an extended response using our C.E.W. model.  Make a claim, support it, and warrant it.  While your opinions are a strong basis for argument, try sticking to the FACTS.  Stray away from pronouns and "feeling" words.   This extended response can be as long as you need it be to support a strong claim.  4 sentences are not going to cut it.   This is your chance to sort of, "free-write," so be assertive and tell us what you think!
Using at least 5 key terms from this week, create an extended response summarizing and explaining their significance and impact on the Russian Revolution.   

**TIP** Use the C.E.W. model; make a claim regarding the Russian Revolution, and use the terms to support and warrant your claim as examined earlier in class.  Make it clear what your claim is, what your evidence is, and what your warrant is.