Using at least 5 key terms from this week, create an extended response summarizing and explaining their significance and impact on the Russian Revolution.   

**TIP** Use the C.E.W. model; make a claim regarding the Russian Revolution, and use the terms to support and warrant your claim as examined earlier in class.  Make it clear what your claim is, what your evidence is, and what your warrant is. 

Patrick Stinson
2/1/2013 01:52:18 am

The Russin Revolution

Sarah Treen
2/1/2013 02:00:18 am

Lenin was the major leader of the boshleiviks, who supported small revolutionaries and are willing to give up everything for change. They made impact on the Russian revolution by ....

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Abigail Hood
2/1/2013 02:00:32 am

Nicholas ll became czar in 1894, he continued ruling the country with Totalitarianism. He didn't see how horrible the conditions were in his time. In the 1890's the Russian nations were behind in the industrialization...

Fat Boy
2/1/2013 02:00:37 am

The Russian Revolution, it started out with Czars Autocratic Rule. It was to wipe out revolutionaries...........

Patrick Stinson
2/1/2013 02:00:47 am

The Russian revolution had many different factors and key people throughout it. Some of them were Nicholas the II. He was the Czar during World War 1. And about halfway through the war he left to go be on the front lines with his troops and left his wife in charge. His wife, who wasnt very politically smart, got a lot of her major decisions from Rasputin. Who was the "magical healer". And he led the Russian economy into the hole. Which led to massive food shortages and strikes from all the workers. So finally the Bolsheviks were able to put together a group of revolutionaries. Which thru them they finally achieved some change in the Russian govt when they implemented the provisional govt..............

Conner bates
2/1/2013 02:01:16 am

2/1/2013 02:01:55 am

One of the 5 terms we used was totallitarianism is a form of government were theres is an absolute dictator; complete control and government controls everything. Command economy Was a system in wich the government made all the economic decisions, under this system p.......

2/1/2013 02:15:25 am

Claim data warrant


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